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American Arborvitae 3-4' (Available Spring 2018. Reserve Now!)
#1 pot (1 gallon)
2-2 (grown 2 years in the seed bed, and 2 years in the field)

America's classic evergreen! Low maintenance and grows quickly, maintaining its beautiful symmetrical shape throughout its life. Once established, highly drought resistant and can tolerant extreme heat. Adapts well to shearing and shaping. Makes for beautiful, dense privacy screens!

Height: 15 to 40'
Width: 10 to 20'
Growth Rate: Medium (12 to 24" / year)
Habit: Symmetrical and narrow at a young age, becoming more broad and pyramidal at maturity.
Foliage: Dark green to yellow green.
Sun: Partial to full sun
Soil: Prefers moist, well drained soils, but can tolerate sandy soils and clay.
Water: Water young trees thoroughly once a week. Once established, these trees are drought tolerant.

American Arborvitae 3-4' (Available Spring 2018. Reserve Now!)

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