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Emperor I

This tree is similar in appearance to the classic "Bloodgood," however it has has a slightly faster growth rate and leafs out about two weeks later in the spring, an advantage in areas prone to late spring frosts. The deep red leaf color lasts throughout the season. In the fall the leaves turn to a fiery crimson. A vigorous, fast growing Japanese maple.

Height: 15-20'
Width: 15-20'
Growth Rate: Medium to Fast (up to 12" / year)
Habit: Compact and bushy understory dwarf tree.
Foliage: Deep purplish-red leaves all spring and summer, turning dark red in fall; excellent color-retention through summer
Sun: Partial shade
Soil: Moist but well drained. Slightly acidic and high in organic matter. Add mulch to maintain cool roots.
Water: Regularly, but do not let the roots consistently stand in water. Do not let the soil become completely dry either.

Emperor I

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