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Mound-shaped, dwarf tree with waxy, deep red bark and graceful cascading branches. Deeply cut and dissected purple-red foliage throughout the summer changes to bright red in fall.Outstanding foliage colors throughout the seasons! Considered by many to be the best and has won a gold medal from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This plant has been in cultivation for over 300 years!

Height: 5-7'
Width: 6-8'
Growth Rate: Slow (up to 6" / year)
Habit: Strong cascading form
Foliage: In the spring, purplish red leaves are accented by tiny crimson flowers that will draw plenty of attention. Come summer, its brilliant colors will not be dampened by the hot sun and will maintain until fall when the foliage turns into deep red hues
Sun: Full to partial sunlight
Soil: Adaptable to a range of soil types once established, but will do best in a moist, well-drained soil. Use a compost/topsoil garden mix.
Water: Only water when periods of drought. Generally, rainfall will quench its thirst!


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