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Custom Furniture

Specializing in custom tables, counter tops and bar tops ranging from dimensional, live edge, river tables and more!

Call or text 248-909-1463 or email and we can get started on a quote for your custom table, bar, or other handcrafted piece of furniture.

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Cut & Mill



Glue, Repair & Sand




By using today's top performing tools from brands like Festool and Grizzly, we are able to flatten and edge plane large slabs for any size application. 

Seamless joinery is accomplished with our Festool track saw and long bed 8" Grizzly jointer. All voids, cracks and other imperfections are filled with high performance resin that will not shrink or crack over time like other wood fillers. Today's latest technology in power sanders and sanding discs allows us to achieve a "pigtail" or swirl free finish. Our last sanding step is to water pop the grain, providing the most uniform finish possible.

There are many finishes available in today's market so when it comes to choosing a topcoat it can be overwhelming for the average user. We offer 3 options for finish based on the customer's preference. 

Matte or Satin: Monocoat oil. Used in commercial hardwood flooring applications for its high endurance properties. This finish offers dimension and ultimate clarity and enhances the natural beauty of the wood. The oil penetrates and nourishes the wood protecting against abrasion, water marks and stains. You can easily touchup anytime without sanding or stripping.

Semi-gloss: Catalyzed varnish. High build finish with attractive grain enhancing characteristics. Superior protection against scratching, heat and chemicals.

High gloss: Epoxy. In most cases, used as a bar top finish for a glass-like gloss finish. Typically built up 1/8". Scratch, heat and chemical resistant.

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We are not shipping furniture at this time. Pickup only.

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