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The Nursery

Michigan Timber Shack would like to welcome you to our nursery, your haven for all things green and vibrant. Our extensive selection boasts an enchanting variety of evergreens, trees, shrubs, perennials and so much more, each waiting to breathe life into your outdoor oasis. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just beginning your green journey, our nursery is a sanctuary of inspiration and expertise. 

Functional Elegance. At our greenhouse, we take pride in offering a unique array of carefully curated plants and trees that not only enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also provide a sense of seclusion and tranquility. Our specialization lies in crafting living privacy screen trees that transform your surroundings into intimate retreats. With a deep understanding of horticulture and design, we meticulously select and nurture each tree to thrive as a stunning natural barrier, shielding your property from prying eyes while adding a touch of green splendor. Whether you seek to create a secluded haven or an enchanting backdrop, our privacy screen trees stand as a testament to our commitment to blending the practical with the picturesque. Explore our nursery and discover a world where privacy and beauty unite harmoniously.

See What We Have To Offer

2024 Fruit Tree Pre-Order

Order early and save 10% on your entire fruit tree order


Embrace a seamless tree-planting journey with our comprehensive services



Unsure where to put your tree? 


We offer consultation to help home owners find the right spot to beautify any landscape.  Through thoughtful discussions and site assessments, we collaborate to craft a personalized landscaping plan that encompasses your preferences, lifestyle, and environmental considerations.



No means for getting the tree home?

Discover the ease of our tree delivery service, designed to bring nature's beauty directly to you. Our team ensures your trees arrive in pristine condition, ready to flourish in your space. Whether you're enhancing your landscape or starting anew, our reliable delivery process guarantees a hassle-free experience



Don't have time to dig?

We will handle all the heavy work so you don't have to. Our skilled team specializes in selecting, planting, and nurturing trees that enhance the beauty and vitality of your landscape. Our tree installation service ensures proper placement and care for long-term growth.

**Please note that we do not ship our plants but local delivery is available. Please call for delivery and install pricing.

We are constantly offering new plants to our customers and not all of our inventory is listed below. Please give us a call or text with any inventory questions.

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