Inaba Shidare 2-3'

Among the best of the weeping red laceleaf maples for its leaf color retention in summer, its scorch resistance, vigor and hardiness. Always popular and attractive.

2-3' tall
#5 pot

Height: 8-10'
Width: 8-10'
Growth Rate: Fast (12 - 24" / year)
Habit: Weeping tree or shrub
Foliage: The leaves develop dark tones of reddish purple as they emerge in the Spring, in some instances, almost black! As summer approaches they become more red, and turn to a bright fiery red in the fall.
Sun: Full
Soil: Adaptable to a range of soil types once established, but will do best in a moist, well-drained soil. Use a compost/topsoil garden mix.
Water: Only water when periods of drought. Generally, rainfall will quench its thirst! Soil should be consistently moist, but never soggy.

Inaba Shidare 2-3'


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