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White Spruce

#1 pot (1 gallon)
2-2 (grown 2 years in the seed bed, and 2 years in the field)
24"-36" tall

A beautful speciman tree for grouping and a sturdy option for windbreaks. Commonly used as Christmas trees. Easy to care for and drought tolerance once established!

Height: 40' to 60'
Width: 10 to 20'
Growth Rate: Medium (12" to 24" / year)
Habit: Symmetrical and pyramidal with dense branching
Foliage: Green to pale green
Sun: Partial to full sun
Soil: Prefers moist rich soil but can adapt to dry, sandy, or clay soil conditions.
Water: Water young trees thoroughly once a week. Once established, these trees are drought tolerant.

White Spruce

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